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We give you the latest news and most updated guide on investing in bonds in Singapore. There are a few different types of bonds in Singapore. They include the Singapore Government Securities (SGS) which takes the form of either Treasury bills (T-bills for short) or bonds (Singapore Government Bonds) as well as Singapore Corporate Bonds which are issued by private companies. aim to provide you with everything you need to know about bonds in Singapore.


Mapletree Perpetual Bond 5.15%

Issuer: Mapletree Treasury Services Limited Guarantor: Mapletree Investments Pte Ltd Issue: SGD Perpetual Capital Securities Ratings: … [Continue reading]

Singapore Corporate Bonds List 2012

Here is a list of Singapore Corporate Bonds in first half 2012. ISSUER COUPON MATURITY DATE OFFER PRICE* YIELD TO MATURITY MOODY'S RATING S&P RATING ANZ NATIONAL (INT'L) LTD 2.95 07/27/15 103.69 1.86 Aa3 AA- MTN PTE … [Continue reading]

What is a bond in Singapore?

Bonds refer to a form of investment that provide a return in the form of fixed periodic payments and the eventual return of principal at maturity. Types of issuers of bonds are governments that issue government bonds, supranational institutions … [Continue reading]

What are Singapore Corporate Bonds?

Singapore Corporate Bonds are issued by companies,  as compared to government bonds are bonds issued by the Singapore Government. Singapore Corporate Bonds are bought and sold on the Singapore Exchange (SGX). For investors who want to invest in … [Continue reading]

Singapore Perpetual bonds – while it is popular, it may not be suitable for everyone

Singapore Bonds that do not have a maturity date,  which is also known as perpetual bonds, are becoming increasingly popular with companies and investors. Since last December, five listed companies have issued such bonds to raise about S$4 … [Continue reading]

Where can I find out more about the SGS market?

Please visit for a general overview of the SGS market. You may visit SGX Fixed Income Product webpage to learn more about trading and custody of SGS on the exchange. … [Continue reading]

Will Treasury Bills (T-Bills) be traded on SGX?

No, T-Bills will not be traded on SGX. … [Continue reading]

What are Singapore Government Securities (SGS)?

SGS refers to both SGS Bonds and T-Bills Singapore Government Securities (SGS) are marketable debt instruments of the Government of Singapore. These debt instruments take the form of either Treasury bills (T-bills) or bonds, and are considered … [Continue reading]

Benefits of investing in Bonds in Singapore

Before one invests in bonds in Singapore, the person must understand how the bond instrument works and also know the Pros and Cons of Bond investment in Singapore. Here are a list of benefits of investing in Bonds in … [Continue reading]